Two Popular City Cars of Very Different Kinds

Even with fuel prices remaining lower than they have in years, small cars still rank among the most popular cars for those who mostly stick to city driving. Regardless of the operating costs in question, a smaller car can simply make life more pleasant for drivers who spend a lot of time within city limits. Whether by making it easier to navigate narrow, crowded roads or through slipping into parking spaces that would never admit larger ones, small cars of various makes and models have an enduring appeal that does not depend on fuel being especially expensive.

For many decades now, one of the most popular and recognizable of all of these has been the Fiat 500 city car. Designed from the start to feel at home on Italy’s most crowded of streets, the Fiat 500 has evolved through a number of generations to keep up with the changing times. Today’s 500 bears all the hallmarks of its ancestors, combining an affordable price tag and fuel-sipping economy with a not inconsiderable amount of charm and fun, engaging handling.

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Even so, the Fiat 500 is small enough that it will not suit every driver, even among those who stick to city roads more or less full time. While a Fiat 500 testdrive will normally put a smile on anyone’s face, some long-term owners discover that the car’s compact nature, even though a source of satisfaction in some ways, can also become limiting at times.

For that reason and others, some prefer to look beyond the Fiat 500 and seek out slightly more spacious options, instead. One of the most popular of these at the present time is the Seat Ibiza, a vehicle with a less storied history but plenty of avid fans. In addition to stretching out to fill larger dimensions than the Fiat 500 does, the Ibiza is also an even more modern vehicle in many ways.

One of the most significant of those for many is the extent to which it can be customized to suit a buyer’s tastes and needs. A quick look at an online Seat Ibiza configurator will show that the manufacturer of this small vehicle has in no way skimped on the availability of options, making it another interesting choice for many.

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